Products:TVA disc filter

Posted by:info on 2023-11-12

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Toxic Vapor Analyzer (TVA)  disc filter

TVA disc filter

  • OD28mm
  • Package10pcs/pk、100pcs/pk
  • Application TVA disc filter is used to prevent water and dust entering in the unit. The special filter material has very low absorbability to most organic gases which allow the gas go through the filter without being adsorbed.
  • Applicable instrument Thermo TVA series gas monitoring: TVA 2020 / TVA1000B

Filter for LDAR monitoring/gas monitor

filter for gas monitor

  • OD23mm
  • Package10pcs/pk、100pcs/pk
  • Application provides extra filtration which will make the filter removal detection function more reliable.
  • Applicable instrument QRAE gas monitor、LDARtools phx21 / phx42