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Posted by:info on 2018-05-23

Transducer Protector

Transducer Protector

Connected with blood tubing and dialysis machine

Product Features

  • Single-use only.
  • Easy to connect and disconnect from dialysis machine.
  • Effective antibacterial hydrophobic air filter only allows ait to pass through, preventing cross contamination, and protects patients and equipment.
  • Transparent housing and with withstanding pneumatic pulsing design.
  • Efficient functionality (Minimum Water Breakthrough and Breathability)


Filter materilal

Hydrophobic PTFE membrane (Pore Size:0.2 μm)


Medical grade PVC (Non-phthalates series)

Effective Filtration Area

2.5 cm2

Minimum Water Breakthrough

1 hour @ 200kpa

Inlet/Outlet Connections

Male Luer Lock (All Luers conform to ISO594)

Sterilization Compatibility

E.O. Sterilization


In vitro Cytotoxicity

Intracutaneous Irritation

Skin Sensitization

Acute Intravenous

Acute Intraperitoneal